What Type of Toothpaste Should My Child Use?

Tooth brushing is one of the most important tasks for good oral health. Many toothpastes, and/or tooth polishes, however, can damage young smiles. They contain harsh abrasives which can wear away young tooth enamel. When looking for a toothpaste for your child make sure to pick one that is recommended by the American Dental Association. […]

What Is A Healthy Diet For My Child?

A healthy diet is a balanced diet that naturally supplies all the nutrients your child needs to grow. A balanced diet is one that includes the following major food groups: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Meat & Beans, and Milk. How does my child’s diet affect their dental health? They must have a balanced diet for their […]

Thumb, Finger, and Pacifier Habits

Why do children suck on fingers, pacifiers or other objects? This type of sucking is completely normal for babies and young children. It provides security. For young babies, it is a way to make contact with and learn about the world. In fact, babies begin to suck on their fingers or thumbs even before they […]

Recommended Baby Bottles

There have been several reports about certain plastics used in baby bottle products, especially polycarbonate. There have been several tests, which have replicated a procedure used by the FDA, to show that this clear, hard, shiny plastic leeched small amounts of chemical called Bisphenol-A, when exposed to temperatures similar to boiling waters. It has been […]

The Six Most Common Myths About Tooth Decay

Listed below are the 6 most common myths about tooth decay:   Myth 1: “Fluoridated water solves all the problems.” This phrase is categorically not true.  While fluoride in the water system has dramatically decreased the number of cavities in people over the last decade (down 50%), that still means that almost half the United States population is […]

Soft Drinks – The Beverage of Choice for Teens

In prior generations, soft drinks, soda pop, colas-whatever you called them-were reserved for a treat. In today’s society, this is not the case for teenagers. They cannot escape the onslaught of a $60 billion-a-year marketing campaign, soft drink machines everywhere, and consumption messages that entice an impelled value in their consumption. Many schools across the […]

Infant Care “Caries Diease”

It should also be understood that caries is an infectious disease that may be transmitted from one person to antother. this is exemplified by the fact that mothers with a high caries risk or experience harbor substantial numbers of mutan streptococci and lactobacilli in oral cavities and saliva. Within a short time after eruption of […]

What is Dental Decay

Dental decay is a bacterially based disease that progresses when acid produced by bacterial action on dietary fermentable carbohydrates diffuse into the tooth and demineralizes the carbonated hydrocyapatite mineral. Pathological factors, including acidogenic bacteria, salivary dysfunction, and dietary carbohydrates are related to decay progression. Protective factors, which include antibacterials, salivary calcium, phosphate and proteins, salivary […]

What is Chlorhexidine Gloconate Oral Rinse

Those individuals most prone to caries development typically have high mutan streptococci and lactobacilli salivary levels, low salivary buffering capacity, decreased saturation of plaque and saliva with respect to calcium and phosphate, low fluoride levels in the plaque and saliva, and a high sucrose diet with frequent carbohydrate exposure. The most effective means of caries control in […]

The Dangers of Oral Piercing

One of the more dangerous fads popular today among teens and young adults is oral piercing studs through the tongue and rings through the lips. This type of fashion statement can lead to serious health problems. The human mouth is filled with germs and bacteria. These can easily pass into the bloodstream via the holes […]